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Do you want to get involved in ASR? You can now apply to join our team of over 50 people. We are entirely student run and always have both on and off air opportunities available. We currently have opportunities available in the News and Technical Teams as well as new on-air Sshows. Whether you have been involved in radio before or not, we would love you to join us at ASR.

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How to apply for a show.

We are always looking for fresh and original ideas for shows on ASR. Before applying, think about what you and your show will bring to the station.

Most importantly you should consider your audience. Who are you aiming your show at and what can you offer them that no one else can?

Some considerations which you should include in your application:

  • Show Aim
    • Who are you targeting?
    • What will feature (guests, themed episodes)?
    • Is it sustainable over a number of weeks?
  • Presentation
    • Are you the only host or will you have a co-host?
    • How much music vs speech do you plan to have in each show?
    • Will it be just speech?
    • Will you be solely mixing?
  • Production
    • Will you be making it on your own (planning/formatting the show)?
    • Do you need a producer?
    • Will you bring a producer for your show?
    • Will some of the content be recorded in advance or will it all be made live in the studio?
  • Content
    • What about your show makes it unique?
    • Will you have any features/specialist music selection or discussion?
    • Why should someone listen to your broadcast rather than something on soundcloud, their own playlist or a podcast?
  • Marketing
    • Each show needs an image and a short description, please include a provisional copy of these in your application.
    • Whilst ASR will promote shows on our official social media pages, the best way to reach your audience is through self promotion. How will you do this?
    • Do you have your own social media pages you can use for promotion?
    • Do you run other events which can be used for promotion (club nights etc)?
  • Commitment to ASR
    • Aberdeen Student Radio is entirely run by students, how will you show commitment to the staton outwith your show?

Please email your application to with the subject “SHOW APPLICATION”

You will hear back from the programme controller to arrange a date for you to make a demo of your show in the studio. After this you will hear if you have been successful.

How to get involved in news.

Are you interested in news and current affairs and want to be part of a team reporting on all the latest news from Aberdeen and beyond? Do you want to report on the Arts scene but don’t have time for a full show? News is the place for you!

The ASR News Team broadcast a weekly, hour long news show on the station. Each week you can pitch your idea for a story you want to do that week at the production meeting.

From there you will be able to investigate and report the story, writing and recording your own script for your slot in the show. After you have recorded you will be able to edit the piece before it is broadcast on the final show.

ASR News will give you brilliant skills in copywriting, audio editing and show production.

On and Off-Air opportunities are currently available.

You can apply to join the News Team by emailing with the subject “GET INVOLVED”

How to get involved in tech.

Are you interested in working behind the scenes at ASR?

Join the Technical Team to help with anything from editing the website to solving technical problems in the studio.

You will be part of the team which is responsible for fixing the studio equipment if it should break as well as helping to set up any live events we have.

No previous experience is required but you must be keen to learn how to use different equipment and enjoy problem solving.

Email with the subject “GET INVOLVED” if you would like to join the team!

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