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Aberdeen Student Radio is a student-run live internet radio station which aims to provide listeners with a variety of sounds and thought-provoking talks. With music shows ranging from house, to shoegaze, to motown and with talk shows ranging from philosophy, to politics, to film, ASR’s mission is to keep listeners engaged and informed in innovative and creative ways. It is our hope that when you tune in, you have learned something new or discovering new music that piques your interest.

Meet the team

Station Manager - Jack

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Assistant Manager - Harry

Harry 9fcc10b3a4a1b4d8cda887c3ae7066b4eb7f29d19abdb04b0be8986a97744e03

Technical Manager - William

William 90ed1cbec28eddaea649b94f781e788e2cff60f2a0708e3822dfb7bef8708bb9

Event Cordinator - Tess

Tess 77e3cfc778c318ea013888be98e9bb4bf06d031fddf8f0ca17c6c1758d2f6978

Creative Director - Jennie

Jennie 12c973235bc1716ab59ac86f190947b0e379156d186e497659443de25d36fe62

Head DJ - Olaf

Olaf 49059393362b3fbe33577ed29649192ef1cad0063537fa2b5b99a2fa475708bb

Marketing Director - Kirsty

Kirsty de53aa55dd60e0601611fa9ee42d5babeb2b92b6272260f580e6b96227f0052e

Social Secrectary - Aidah

Aidah 6cfaa1ecda82ad6d3af125b0136fa9163c6c96d3ffc6d68e4633352b29dc8ef2

Head of Music - Charlotte

Charlotte c239b56d2b3eecf3197b704c7fac45753fcb47dce4add42755d1769ad9c16836

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